Construction of 20 berths planned at Port of Fujairah

ABU DHABI, — Two new berths for fuel bunkering will be constructed at the Port of Fujairah, according to Chief Financial Officer Khalil Ibrahim.

Ibrahim added that the construction is expected to cost AED100 million.

He noted that this construction will increase the number of oil berths to 20, with a total handling capacity of some 100 million tonnes, equivalent to about 750 million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products per year.

Ibrahim told Oloom Al Dar economic programme on Abu Dhabi TV that these new berths would assist the Port of Fujairah to integrate its services, in line with the rapid growth in the port, especially in the oil berths’ sector.

He further explained that the Port of Fujairah receives more than 5,500 ships annually, in addition to visits by more than this number of ships that receive logistical services in the anchorage area adjacent to the port.

Ibrahim added that in order to avoid congestion in the harbour basin, the Port of Fujairah is currently working to establish a new port to receive small ships, with an initial capacity of 150 small ships and locomotives at the south of the current location of the Port of Fujairah, at a cost of AED 220 million in the first construction phase.

There will be other stages, as per requirements, while the opening of this port is not expected for at least one year, he said.

Source: Emirates News Agency