Commemoration Day will remain a shining milestone in nation’s history: Hamdan bin Zayed

ABU DHABI, H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in Al Dhafra Region, has said that the 30th of November will always remain a shining milestone in the history of the UAE in which the nation pays tribute to the fallen heroes who offered the ultimate sacrifice to keep aloft the flag of the nation.

”The UAE leadership dedicates the Commemoration Day on 30th November from every year to keep the nation’s heroes immortal in the country’s memory and to allow generations to recognise their sacrifices, from the time of the first martyr until the group of servicemen who fell in the battles to defend the right and legitimacy in Yemen,” H.H. Sheikh Hamdan said in a statement to the ‘Nation Shield’ magazine on the occasion of the Commemoration Day.

”The UAE people stood united behind its wise leadership and supported and comforted the families of the martyrs of the UAE Armed Forces in a bright example of loyalty and readiness to provide what is very dear and precious for the sake of the nation and in adherence to the noble values which were instilled by our forefathers to maintain stability in the country.” Sheikh Hamdan praised the brave acts of the members of the Armed Forces in the missions assigned to them, saying that they provided a model for the fighter who loves his nation and remains loyal to his leadership and people.

”The gallant UAE Armed Forces are a source of pride and honour for every Emirati for the operations they carried out in different locations and circumstances,” he said.

He said that the leadership provides significant support and care to the families of the martyrs through a series of initiatives and projects in a historic setting that combines the feelings of belonging, pride, sacrifice and dedication with loyalty to the nation and its leadership. ”This example proves the UAE house is united and the people are genuine and faithful.” ”On this glorious occasion, we salute the mothers of the martyrs who raised their children in love of the nation and loyalty to its soil and leadership, therefore allowing them to write epics of heroism and sacrifice in battles of honour and dignity,” Sheikh Hamdan added.

“The sacrifices of the mothers of the martyrs will be inscribed in the annals of dignity and pride,” he said.

Concluding his statement, Sheikh Hamdan prayed to Allah Almighty to grant the souls of the martyrs rest in heaven and to grant patience and solace to their bereaved families, as well as to protect the UAE, its leadership and people.

Source: Emirates News Agency