Coalition to Support of Legitimacy in Yemen dismisses Houthi militia’s claims of capturing military positions in Najran, Jizan

RIYADH, An official source of the Coalition to Support of Legitimacy in Yemen denied claims by Iran-backed Houthi militia, circulated on their media outlets, that they managed to capture several Saudi military positions in Najran and Jizan over the few past days.

According to Saudi Press Agency, SPA, the source stressed that the Houthi terrorist militias were suffering daily defeats and setbacks on different fronts and that they did not make any progress, since the start of the ”Operation Firmness Storm” and ”Operation Restore Hope” therefore they resort to concoct fabrications and lies that speak of false victories through the media, to enhance the morale of their fighters and supporters, in areas under their control.

The source ridiculed the claims of the Houthi terrorist militia of controlling of 15 military positions in Najran and Jizan, during the past three days, noting that the Yemeni army, with the support of the coalition, is advancing tens of kilometers deep, into Saada and Hajjah.

What the militia claims, supported by the media propaganda trumpets sympathetic to them, are fictional and fictitious stories to be added to hundreds of stories and fabrications of previous Houthi false victories claims, the most recent of which was an alleged targeting of a military position in Dammam, which reflected the state of expansion of the false imagination of the Houthi militia and their media tools, the source concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency