Case of two Emiratis accused of collaborating against State adjourned

ABU DHABI, — The case of two Emiratis charged with collaborating with a secret organisation in the Emirates against the State was adjourned by the State Security District of the Federal Supreme Court to 14th November, 2016, to hear the defence.

The illegal secret organisation was disbanded by virtue of the State Security Criminal Court’s ruling in Case No. 79/2012 for calling for opposition to the basic principles of the UAE’s ruling system with the aim of seizing power.

The court heard the plea of the Chief of State Security Prosecution, Saqr Saif, who requested the court to hand down the most severe punishment to the defendants.

The prosecutors accused Emirati (N.G.K) of communicating with fugitive elements of the terrorist organisation, engaging in efforts to promote a terrorist ideology through the internet and attending meetings of the illegal group.

The second defendant, fugitive Emirati (H.D.) is accused on several counts including establishment of an organisation outside the state in 2008 and leading a smear campaign against the State so as to harm its reputation and interests and insult leaders of a sisterly state.

The first defendant benefited from a pardon issued on the occasion of the 2011 National Day after he was convicted in the case of the ‘Emirati Dialogue Forum’ of breaking state laws, putting state security at risk and defaming state symbols, the prosecutors said.

Source: Emirates News Agency