Breakfast with EMAC holds seminar about early stages of arbitration

DUBAI, As the Emirates Maritime Arbitration Centre (EMAC) has begun receiving cases, the institute continues its commitment to bridge the understanding between maritime contract management and arbitration through its breakfast seminars and by participating in key maritime and law related events.

This latest seminar focused on the early stages of arbitration with guest speaker Chatura Randeniya, a Counsel with Afridi & Angell Legal Consultants in Dubai.

The topic aimed to look at the considerations that need to be made before taking a dispute to arbitration and further applauds the new UAE Arbitration Law issued earlier this year.

“Since inception the message that EMAC has been driving, is that the Centre is here in support of the maritime, logistics, oil and gas industry. Understanding the importance of arbitration in the very early stages of a dispute is crucial for disputing parties,” said Majid Obaid bin Bashir, Acting Chairman and Secretary-General, EMAC. “At EMAC, we aim to keep efficiency up and cost low when it comes to dispute handling.”

The Breakfast with EMAC seminar series continues with the next session scheduled for October 14th, 2018 where the topic will seek to look at technological developments and blockchain in shipping.

Source: Emirates News Agency