Book reveals secrets of Arab culture resistance in 10th century

ABU DHABI, — The book title “World Countries” is seeking to answer the question of how Arab culture had resisted all the challenges at the beginning of the 10th century, featuring the weakness of Arab institutions in the face of invasions and constant attacks by Mongols and Europeans.

Emirates News Agency, WAM, is reviewing the book in line with the Month of Reading initiative to highlight important books at the UAE and international libraries.

The translated version of World Countries book is one of the important works of Kalima project of the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority. It was translated into Arabic by Mohamed Ayet Hana.

The book delves deeper into the study of Arab human geography and tries to present a clear image of the Islamic world during the 10th century. The book’s author, Andre Michel had spent many years analysing the components of the Islamic community and Arab human geography during this period.

Michel wonders how the Arab culture preserved its treasures and even added new achievements. He noted the Arab institutions had dwindled at the time but the culture itself remained intact.

In this book, he studied works of Arab geography that were written in Arabic after 1000 AD and important historic events, and their effects on intellectual trends that sought to hold on to Arabic identity despite serious challenges.

The last chapter of the book discusses the implications of the Crusaders on the Arab personality and geography while informing the readers of the main events witnessed by the region during the clashes and peaceful periods. It also tries to answer the question on why the Crusaders had failed.

The author presents an intense and accurate conclusion based on his understanding of the Arab geography, which he describes as a literary and human geography. He also highlights his encounters with large groups of geography and map specialists, embassy personnel, merchants, sailors and people from other professions.

Source: Emirates News Agency