Automated system to collect fines for delay in replacing franchise vehicles in Dubai

DUBAI — The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, in Dubai has started the implementation of automated calculation and collection of fines applicable to the delay in replacing ageing taxicabs and limousines with franchise companies and has ceased issuing monthly invoices ever since.

The move is part of RTA’s endeavours to achieve financial sustainability of all transactions.

Explaining the procedure, Nasir Al-Haj, Director of Commercial Transport Activities of RTA’s Licensing Agency said, “The automated calculation and collection of fines applicable to the delay in replacing taxis and limousines due for replacement. The procedure is carried out through the e-franchise services system at the time of processing traffic file transactions.”

RTA had started a gradual application of the system to the smart licensing and traffic system to get franchise companies prepared to the new process and associated electronic procedures.

The new calculation and collection process is flexible and addresses the needs of franchise companies. Traffic file transactions can be processed once the fine is paid without requiring the removal of the vehicle from the traffic file, which has previously been a pre-condition, he added.

It enables the collection of fines at any time without obliging clients to clear pending transactions in their traffic files, abolishing the monthly invoicing of fines for the delay in replacement of vehicles that used to be processed manually and require 3-5 working days to prepare and verify the invoice by the organisational units concerned.

“This process is unique as far as smart licensing and traffic systems are concerned. The system computes daily fines applicable to vehicles that have exceeded the due replacement date. In doing so, it takes into consideration associated factors such as the operational lifespan stated in franchise contracts, vehicle type, and the validity of the company’s contract, ” Al-Haj noted.

Source: Emirates News Agency