Arab Coalition’s jets bombard Houthis’ military reinforcements in Taiz

ADEN, The Arab Coalition Forces’ fighter jets today bombarded military reinforcements and strongholds used by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Al Barah Area, in Maqbana Directorate, west of Taiz, inflicting heavy human and military damage among the coup perpetrators and cutting off a number of their key supply routes.

The air strikes, supported by the UAE Armed Forces, targeted a military checkpoint for the Houthi militias in Tahita Directorate, south of Hodeidah with fights ongoing to expunge the militias from other areas, including Mowaza Directorate, Khalid bin Walid Camp, and adjacent mountainous hills where they are already sustaining heavy losses.

Fights are ongoing on the Red Sea Coast as well where the Coalition Forces are continuing to deplete the military capabilities of the Houthis, with the National Yemeni Army thwarting infiltration attempts by the militias towards Al Qataba Area, south Tahita Directorate.

The UAE Armed Forces are consistently providing significant logistics support for the ground, air and sea operations launched by the Coalition to rid the Yemeni territories of the grip of the coup perpetrators.

Source: Emirates News Agency