“Ambassadors of the Future” visit Colorado, Zurich

DUBAI — The Ambassadors of the Future programme, part of the “Our Ambassadors” initiative launched by the Ministry of Education, toured several European capitals that specialise in the areas of entrepreneurship and practical research, with the aim of viewing the best practices and applications that represent the basic requirements for future development, along with the practical methods of assuring future leadership and advancement.

The Ambassadors of the Future programme stems from the efforts of the Ministry to train leading personnel in various fields and provide them with the best types of skills and knowledge.

The Ministry of Education aims, through the Ambassadors of the Future programme and its 100 student participants, to open the minds of UAE students to future international developments, as well as crucial academic subjects, to provide the local community with its future leaders and the source of its greater development, as a response to the vision of the wise leadership, which has foreseen the start of the country’s future, stating that future generations must be taught what is needed to achieve their goals of competing in international markets.

The Ministry has therefore sent, under the Ambassadors of the Future programme, two groups of students, including one to the University of Colorado in the United States, and the other to the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, with the aim of achieving the UAE’s vision and contributing to its future directions.

The Ministry chose these two destinations based on their leadership in the field of future directions and their work in developing scientific systems to predict future trends, and its need for academic expertise.

The Ministry of Education has met, through the Ambassadors of the Future programme, major academic and scientific targets. The participating students learned about the nature of university life and broke with the traditional model of academic guidance, which previously relied on spoken lectures and tutorials.

The students took part in the programme for over one month, in real environments that simulate university life. They also viewed its most important characteristics and the ways of choosing academic specialties, as well as the various forms of student housing at universities.

Source: Emirates News Agency