‘Ambassadors of Giving’ help children in Zanzibar

ZANZIBAR — Remarkable humanitarian achievements have been made to alleviate the suffering of children in Zanzibar thanks to the efforts exerted by students participating in the “Ambassadors of Giving” programme as part of the “Our Ambassadors” initiative, launched by the UAE Ministry of Education.

The students restored school classrooms and a hospital for the children of Zanzibar.

The “Ambassadors of Giving” programme reflects the noble human values maintained by the UAE in line with the directives of the wise leadership to promote these principles among students. The Ministry of Education also seeks to instil a spirit of volunteering in students through several practical programmes.

About 24 students implemented a range of missions during their trip to Zanzibar, in co-ordination with international humanitarian organisations. They visited underprivileged regions and restored school classrooms in some areas, apart from initiating the construction of a hospital for children and other citizens.

The students also visited an epilepsy treatment centre for children in Zanzibar to help raise awareness among parents. The students, along with specialists, conducted numerous sessions to create a comfortable social environment and spread knowledge.

Source: Emirates News Agency