Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company launches model of unmanned boat to clean sea water

ABU DHABI — The UAE-based Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company has launched a model of an unmanned boat used for cleaning sea water, which uses a “MAP Pro” device as its auto-guidance system.

Nour Al Sayed, Head of Operations at the Al Marakeb Boat Manufacturing Company, said that the technology to produce unmanned and self-guided boats has become a reality and is available to everyone. With the growing number of projects to develop unmanned vehicles and vessels for land, air or sea use, the company will focus on developing maritime technology in this area in the UAE, she added.

The boat features a wire basket that allows it to dredge waste from the water, to be stored in another basket located in the middle of the boat. The waste can be then be unloaded at the end of its shift. The boat’s dual-structure design also provides complete stability at sea while another feature allows it to clear waste in the shallow water.

The guidance system of the cleaning boat is controlled by a MAP Pro device that can identify its location and speed and can control the boat from a monitoring station on the beach.

Source: Emirates News Agency