Ajman Police highlights importance of strengthening culture of innovation

AJMAN, The members of the Innovation Council of the Ajman Police discussed ways of supporting innovation and monitoring projects and police innovation competitions, during their meeting at the Sheikh Zayed Conference Centre at the Ajman University.

The meeting is part of the efforts of the Ajman Police to achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry of Interior, which aim to promote the culture of innovation in the organisational working environment and promote the UAE’s values of positive citizenship, excellence and innovation.

The meeting was chaired by Colonel Mohammed Shayban Suwaidan, Chairman of the Innovation Council, and was attended by council members from Ajman University, the Technical Secondary School and Hegefigen.

Shayban praised the significant efforts of the council’s members and their success in supporting innovation while stressing that promoting the culture of innovation and supporting its implementation will serve the entire community.

The meeting also discussed the various innovations of the participants on the Police Innovation Award, which was launched by the council, in cooperation with Ajman University, to attract innovative ideas related to security, crime, traffic and services, and also saw wide participation from the university, the police and members of the community.

Suwaidan praised the support of the Commander-in-Chief of the Ajman Police for innovation and the cooperation of the council’s partners in achieving its goals while adding that they have decided on the prizes for the competition’s winners.

Source: Emirates News Agency