Age of dinosaurs brought back to life at SCRF 2018

SHARJAH, The age of the dinosaurs was brought back to life during the “Dinosaur Quest of Dr. T-Rex” show at the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival, SCRF, 2018.

The children expressed their delight as they saw Velociraptors and Brachiosaurs on stage during the 30-minute show, which featured a joke-telling baby dinosaur, as well as a dig to find ancient fossils.

The audience was led through their journey back in time by Dr. T-Rex. “Dinosaurs have been alive for decades in our imaginations, and most people do not understand this, except children,” he said.

With the help of young volunteers from the audience, Dr. T-Rex dug up a dinosaur egg that hatched to reveal a wisecracking baby dinosaur, who entertained the crowd with jokes.

As they continued to dig, they discovered a Velociraptor claw and a Tyrannosaurus tooth, and they were taught the differences between meat and plant-eating dinosaurs.

The children also learnt that scientists believe that the dinosaurs became extinct when an asteroid collided with Earth, causing volcanic eruptions and blocking the sun, which resulted in the death of plants in a matter of months.

The show is being held on selected days at various times during the tenth edition of the festival, which is themed, “Your Future, Just a Book Away.”

The festival’s events also include several programmes, including the themes of Kids Activities, Cultural Programmes, Cultural Cafe, Kids Creative Cafe, Social Media Cafe and Cookery Corner.

SCRF 2018 also features a series of international theatrical performances that include “Tuta and Monkey Cheetah” and the “Island of Kids Area,” which combine education, fun and entertainment, to promote the values of honesty among its young visitors.

A highlight of this year’s festival is its first 3D Book Exhibition, which features 250 pop-up books from the 3D Book Centre in Forli, Italy. The books were selected by the exhibition’s curators to represent eight periods of history. One of the SCRF’s mainstays, the Sharjah Exhibition for Children’s Books Illustrations, features 355 artworks by 104 illustrators from 32 countries.

Source: Emirates News Agency