AED2.14 bn in social assistance by Ministry of Community Development in six months

ABU DHABI, Up to AED2.14 billion in social assistance was provided by the Ministry of Community Development during 2018 as part of its mission to ensure integration and social cohesion.

This account for 73.1 percent of the total social assistance approved in the Federal Budget 2018, which amounted to AED2.923 bn.

The services provided by the Ministry addressed different segments of society, including People of Determination, the elderly, social care, marriage grants and other family-centered types of services.

The UAE Vision 2021 National Agenda strives to preserve a cohesive society proud of its identity and sense of belonging. It promotes an inclusive environment that integrates all segments of society while preserving the UAE’s unique culture, heritage and traditions and reinforces social and family cohesion.

An analysis conducted by the Emirates News Agency (WAM) on the Ministry of Community Development’s activities since the begging of the year indicates a rise in social assistance during Q2, to AED1.42 bn, which accounts for 48.5 percent of the total social assistance funds approved by the Federal Budget. During Q1, the Ministry provided AED717 million in social assistance.

Source: Emirates News Agency