ADU launches innovation centre in its Al Ain campus

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU) launched a state-of-the-art Innovation Centre in its Al Ain campus in line with the university’s innovation strategy (ADUi).

The Centre is open for Al Ain community, students, faculty, researchers, small and home business owners, individuals aiming to start a business and innovators. Focused on research and innovation, the Centre will serve as a platform for business testing and experimentation for the student and faculty bodies as well as the wider community.

The Centre is the result of ADU’s innovation mission that contributes to the development of the community through innovation and research, which will further improve the academic programmes and contribute to societal development and economic growth.

The Centre is an integral part of ADUi’s strategy towards creating sustainable innovation. It offers three zones that inspire sustainable and collaborative efforts towards design and fabrication, commercialization and networking.

Students, academics and individuals interested in initiating, developing and testing their designs, fabrication or commercialisation of those designs will be equipped with the latest technologies, mentorship and support to leverage their skills and creativity.

Dr. Alberto Peralta Bellmont Director of Innovation at ADU, said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new Innovation Centre in Al Ain campus. This accomplishment is in line with the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy that seeks to position the UAE as one of the world’s most innovative nations. At ADU, we seek to expand the university’s innovation and research projects to pursue outstanding ideas that address private, domestic, governmental and social needs. We are committed to equip our community, students and faculty members with the latest innovative tools to tackle the challenges of the future career market and provide them the skillset needed to become leading figures in innovation.”

In addition to the three zones, the Centre will include ADUi’s Lab for Public Services, which aims to strengthen the ability of public organisation, experts and common people to work openly, collaboratively, effectively and legitimately to empower them to make better decisions and solve public problems. Additionally, the Centre will host the Women Entrepreneurs and Innovators Forum where women from Al Ain community will be able to collaborate, discuss and achieve joint goals, as well as create an intimate and a serious room for diversity, equality and inclusion. The Forum will hold open discussions about equality, talent, leadership and opportunities for women in the UAE and the world. Through this Centre, ADU seeks to optimise the positive impact of innovation for the benefit of the wider community.

ADUi combines a personalised approach with lessons learned from successful innovators and entrepreneurs through researching and promoting evidence-based practices. The initiatives within ADUi include programmes, stand-alone events, as well as relevant opportunities which will be accessible and available to all students, faculty and staff, and will include ADU communities of reference.

Recently, ADU launched the Venture Lab in its main campus, which offers an innovative space designed to help spin-offs, startups, companies and government agencies find more sustainable solutions to create or improve daily operations.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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