ADP participates in 10th AFSN Conference in Beijing

BEIJING, The Abu Dhabi Police, ADP, participated in the 10th Asian Forensic Sciences Network, AFSN, Conference, which was held in the Chinese capital, Beijing, under the theme, “New Technologies, New Methods, New Challenges in Dealing with the Crime Scenes.”

Lt. Colonel Hussain Humaid Al Junaibi, Deputy Director of the Crime Scene Department of the Security and Ports Affairs Sector and Head of the Delegation, explained that the ADP’s participation is part of its keenness to learn about and review the best practices and developments in dealing with crime scenes.

Al Junaibi also pointed out that the conference discussed new techniques and achievements and leading experiences in the modern ways of committing a crime, as well as benefitting from specialist international knowledge.

The ADP delegation also visited an exhibition on the sidelines of the conference, which witnessed the participation of major international companies that specialise in relevant modern technologies, which presented the best technologies in the area of police work, he said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency