ADEK announces operators for Charter Schools project

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) introduced the Charter Schools project earlier this year, aiming at providing a third education model in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, through the exchange of expertise between the public and private sectors and by optimising available resources, which will reflect positively on students’ performance In 2018, ADEK inaugurated Al Rayana School in Al Falah area as a pilot for the Charter Schools project, and at the beginning of this academic year 2019-2020, the project started to expand to 12 Charter Schools, nine of which are based in Abu Dhabi city and three in Al Ain city.

Following a thorough tender bidding and evaluation process, ADEK identified three leading private sector educational operators in the Emirate, which are Aldar Education, Bloom Education and Taaleem.

The operators were selected based on their capabilities of implementing exceptional instructional practices, in addition to a number of criteria defined within the tendering process. The operation and management of the 12 Charter Schools opening this academic year is distributed on the three awarded operators.

Aldar Education, established in 2007, has a network of schools that deliver a variety of curriculums adapted for the UAE community.

Bloom Education, established in 2009, is a part of Bloom Group. Bloom Education currently has ties with international partners, such as Brighton College from the UK, Dwight School from New York and MindChamps Nurseries from Singapore.

Taaleem, established in 2004, has a portfolio of 10 international schools and pre-schools. Taaleem is committed to providing a solid academic grounding by delivering stimulating and creative educational programmes.

Sarah Cooper, Aldar Education CEO, declared:” I am delighted that Aldar Education has been chosen as a new operator for Charter Schools; we are committed to providing our students with a high-quality inclusive education combined with a strong set of values and a future-focused vision of learning.”

Nilay Ozral, CEO of Bloom Education, mentioned, “By leveraging the expertise from our international schools, we are confident that teachers, parents, and students will benefit greatly from the schools joining the Charter Schools project. The most important stakeholder in this partnership is our students and we will ensure that the schools we operate provide an exceptional quality of education and opportunities for all.”

Alan Williamson, Taaleem CEO, said; “In partnership with ADEK, Taaleem is delighted that we have been invited to play a key role in launching four new Charter Schools as part of the regulator’s forward-thinking initiatives aimed at driving performance and broadening education and career opportunities for all stakeholders involved.”

Khuloud Aldhaheri, Division Manager of Educational Institution Contract Management at ADEK, stated; “The Charter Schools project aims to establish a sustainable educational model and create a competitive environment in which educational operators provide the highest quality of services. More importantly, Charter Schools will offer stimulating environments and innovative learning practices to provide a truly transformational journey for students.”

The first phase of the Charter Schools project is set to provide 15,000 seats this coming academic year and will offer American based curriculums to kindergarten and elementary levels, with more stages to be introduced as students progress in their educational journey.

The project focuses on students and their ongoing development that will enable them to instill a forward thinking mindset whilst upholding their cultural and moral values. Students will be exposed to creative thinking, leadership and innovation that will eventually prepare them to be confident global citizens and upskill them to address future challenges and job opportunities.

Charter Schools is the first of its kind project introduced by ADEK and is a forward-thinking initiative that supports the UAE national agenda. It emphasizes the development of a sustainable education system and helps in establishing a knowledge-based economy. The strategic alliance between the public and private sectors will open new horizons for more effective cooperative partnerships and encourage competitive environments that will improve the overall quality of services and life in Abu Dhabi.

Source: Emirates News Agency