Abu Dhabi’s e-Government wins first Digital Transformation Award in GIS at the 2017 Esri User Conference

ABU DHABI — Twenty-one entities from Abu Dhabi’s e-Government concluded a successful participation in the 2017 Esri User Conference the world’s leading Geographic Information Systems, GIS, event, which took place in San Diego, California and drew more than 15,000 specialists from 130 countries.

Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre, ADSIC, organised and managed all aspects of the participation, on behalf of the government entities at the conference, which coincided with the 10 year anniversary milestone of the Abu Dhabi Spatial Data Infrastructure, AD-SDI, community, a leading programme responsible for facilitating the sharing of geo-spatial data among governmental entities within different sectors.

Esri 2017 offered Abu Dhabi’s e-Government an international knowledge-sharing platform to highlight AD-SDI’s key achievements and strategies as it continues to assume an integral role in Abu Dhabi’s robust digital transformation framework.

During the conference, ADSIC, Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council and the Department of Geography and Urban Planning at the United Arab Emirates University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences won awards for Special Achievements in Geospatial Systems, SAG, an annual accolade that Esri selects for geospatial applications, and it was the first time that the Abu Dhabi government receives a total of three recognitions in this prestigious category.

Commenting on the Abu Dhabi e-Government’s participation in Esri 2017, Rashed Lahej Al Mansouri, Director-General of ADSIC said, “The string of awards that have been secured by the Abu Dhabi government at Esri 2017 are a testament to the advanced state of geospatial systems in Abu Dhabi and its high ranking internationally.”

“We consider our recognition and the recognition of our strategic partners a reflection of our collective efforts towards pioneering the field of GIS as a key operational component of digitising and enhancing government services in order to serve the needs of end-users and enrich their experience.”

Al Mansouri added, “ADSIC is proud to have hosted such a bright and inspiriting group of Emirati students from UAEU, and we congratulate them on the award that they have won, as it reinforces the advanced level of geospatial education in Abu Dhabi, particularly because it is the first higher education institution in the Emirates to win the distinction in geospatial awards.”

He went on to say that participating in the 2017 Esri User Conference has enabled the government to gain insights into the latest global technologies and trends in geospatial data, aligning with the strategic objectives of Abu Dhabi’s e-Government which seeks to become a leading digital government, driven by innovation and inspired by society, adding that the series of successes achieved by the AD-SDI, have notably strengthened government performance and service levels across a number of key fields.

Source: Emirates News Agency