Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation strategy highlighted in Web Summit in Lisbon

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Digital Authority participated at this year’s edition of the Web Summit, touted as the world’s largest tech event, which was recently held at the Altice Arena & Fil in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the four-day show, an official delegation from ADDA highlighted Abu Dhabi’s leading experience in digital transformation and its move to promote a culture of excellence and innovation in government work. The ADDA delegation included a number of executive directors and senior staff.

ADDA showcased some of its leading initiatives and programmes, primarily highlighted by its strategy to be the lead proponent and key driver of the emirate’s digital future. Following the mandate to lead Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation efforts, ADDA’s top priorities are focused on government services & solutions, data & applied technologies, governance and ecosystem enablement. In line with this directive, ADDA has developed and started to implement initiatives and programmes that are aimed at supporting Abu Dhabi government entities’ efforts to provide integrated service experiences, enable solutions and foster innovation.

Dr. Rauda Al Saadi, Director General at ADDA, said, “Abu Dhabi has made excellent strides in its strategic roadmap towards achieving a successful digital future. Our participation at Web Summit gave us the chance to talk about the excellent work that we have made in enabling, supporting and delivering a digital government that remains highly proactive, personalised, collaborative and secure.”

The ADDA delegation presented the authority’s flagship initiatives like TAMM, a first-of-its-kind programme that provides an array of next-generation solutions; successfully integrating 1,600 government services in the emirate into 80 end-to-end journeys under a single platform.

The TAMM platform includes web portal, smart application, service centres and a call centre in partnership with all of the emirate’s government entities. Another initiative highlighted in the Summit was the Abu Dhabi Data Management Programme (DMP), an open data sharing ecosystem envisioned to help unlock the high value potential of government entities’ data sets while also offering access to vast data pool resources in a safe and reliable ways for the private sector and start-ups. The DMP is expected to help fully enable effective and efficient delivery of future government services serving as a precedent for excellence from government entities wanting to build a better quality of life for Abu Dhabi citizens, residents, visitors, and investors.

Source: Emirates News Agency