Abu Dhabi University to launch four new future-critical concentrations in Fall 2022

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi University plans to launch four new concentrations in Fall 2022 as part of its ongoing investment in preparing students for future careers.

The new concentrations include Big Data Analytics and Web and Mobile Application Development under the BSc in Software Engineering and Cybersecurity and Game Development under BSc in IT.

Accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) in the UAE, the new concentrations seek to equip students with the required skills to best prepare them for the twenty-first century’s most in-demand jobs and fastest-growing occupational fields.

The undergraduate concentrations will be available at ADU’s Abu Dhabi and Al Ain campuses. Offered to Software Engineering students, a concentration in Big Data Analytics equips students with advanced skills and in-depth knowledge to extract, analyse and develop robust software systems that carry large volumes of data. Upon graduation, students can apply software engineering design to innovate and introduce solutions across many sectors.

As cyberspace continues to expand, ADU’s Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a Cybersecurity Concentration will open endless doors for graduates looking to develop, defend and secure the software systems of the future. The programme ensures that students will be uniquely qualified to design, analyse and test wide-ranging IT solutions using state-of-the-art technologies.

A concentration in Game Development will enable gaming fanatics to use and apply current technical concepts and practices through human-computer interaction, information management, and programming. Structured as a set of core courses and specialisations, students will gain up-to-date knowledge on web technologies and Internet applications, networking, mobile applications and security, interactive media and game programming.

The Web/Mobile Application Development concentration is designed for students in the Software Engineering programme who want to acquire knowledge and skills in areas that complement their programme of study. The concentration will provide students with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to apply web and mobile technologies and perform data analytics within various professional environments.

Professor Waqar Ahmad, Chancellor of Abu Dhabi University, commented on the occasion, “Choosing an educational major or concentration that will withstand the rapid pace of the ever-changing world can be a daunting task for students and their families. Technological advances have given rise to new fields and industries – which is why at Abu Dhabi University, we are relentlessly pursuing new programmes that expand the learning horizon for our students.”

The four new concentration programmes are developed according to the best standards of international professional bodies such as the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE), the IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS), and the Association for Information Technology Professionals (AITP).

Source: Emirates News Agency