Abu Dhabi trade in iron, aluminum, copper hits AED6.8 billion

ABU DHABI — The Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s trade in iron and steel, aluminum, and copper hit AED6.8 billion during the first third of 2017, a growth of 15.6 percent over the corresponding period last year, according to the Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi.

The three minerals account for 11.6 percent of the total non-oil trade across the emirate’s points of entries over the first four months of the year, which is valued at AED58.2 billion.

In more detail, the iron and steel trade amounted to AED1.4 billion during the first three months, a growth of 16.6 percent from AED1.2 billion in the corresponding period 2016.

The copper trade amounted to AED3.1 billion, a growth of 4 percent from AED2.98 billion in the corresponding period last year.

The aluminum trade hit AED1.3 billion during the first third of the year, against AED1.7 billion during the same period last year.

The mentioned figures includes non-oil trade flowing via the emirate’s land, sea and air ports of entries, which means they don’t reflect the emirate’s total non-oil trade with the outer world, nor do they include Abu Dhabi intra-trade with other emirates.

Source: Emirates News Agency