Abu Dhabi Police: no traffic accident after students return to schools

ABU DHABI, Abu Dhabi Police affirmed on Sunday that no traffic accidents were reported throughout the city today, the day that students returned to schools, noting that the movement of traffic was smooth, though there was a normal traffic jam.

Officials attributed there being no accidents to the efforts of the public education campaign, “Together for the safety of our kids”, launched by the Abu Dhabi Police to promote the safety and security of students during the new school year.

Abu Dhabi Police praised the positive response from drivers, in general, and school buses drivers, in particular, to instructions related to the rules of traffic, driving speeds, reduced speeds close to schools, seating children below 10 years in the back of vehicles, and using seat belts to guarantee safety.

Abu Dhabi Police stressed the importance of its strategic partnership with Abu Dhabi Education Council, noting that there are several authorities that share the responsibility for the safety of students, as this is a process that starts with families, monitoring children and keeping them away from bad company, and schools that are responsible for urging students to commit to the original values of the UAE community.

Abu Dhabi Police called upon educational authorities and those working in student transportation to commit to the mandatory requirements to assure school buses remain safe.

Source: Emirates News Agency