Abu Dhabi Department of Energy partners with ADDA to provide instant licensing through ‘Tamm’ system

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DoE), in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), has announced the launch of instant licensing services through the Abu Dhabi Government Services System,Tamm. The mutual venture aims to facilitate fast and effective innovative technologies to better serve small-size energy businesses in Abu Dhabi.

The eligible businesses in Abu Dhabi will benefit from free-of-charge two-year licenses that facilitate the minimum requirements and operational steps. With the licenses issued by Tamm within one working day, the new service aims to support the DoE’s effort to enhance customer experience, as well as support Abu Dhabi’s digital transformation journey.

Eng. Saif Salem Bamedhef, Director of Information Technology and Government Smart Services Department at DoE, highlighted the importance of innovating new ways to provide smart services that support the integration between government entities to achieve prosperity and happiness for the Abu Dhabi community. “We are proud of this partnership with ADDA,” said Bamedhef.

Eng. Mohamed Abdulhameed Al Askar, Director of Government and Partnership Affairs at ADDA, reiterated the authority’s commitment towards supporting the emirate’s efforts to enhance its investment and business environment in line with Abu Dhabi Development Accelerator Program ‘Ghadan 21,’ which provides advanced digital solutions, with licensing and other services delivered competitively with respect to time and cost.

Al Askar also stressed the importance of government efforts towards integration as one of the main pillars of ADDA strategy to enhance government services and enable innovative digital solutions that provide the smooth delivery of proactive services to customers in Abu Dhabi. “ADDA is proud of its new venture with DoE. Both entities are working to provide the highest quality services for the Abu Dhabi community,’ Al Askar added.

Commenting on the announcement, Hamad Al Ameri, Licensing and Compliance Section Head at DoE said: “This new facility aligns with Abu Dhabi’s strategic direction by increasing the ease of obtaining licences and by creating an environment conducive to conducting business. DoE is keen to maximise the benefits from the sophisticated digital infrastructure of Tamm to provide our sector with the highest quality services.”

Activities that owners can receive licenses through Tamm include: water production, treatment and desalination, electricity generation and electricity generation by solar cells (with a maximum capacity of 50 kWp at a single facility); wastewater collection, treatment, recycling and disposal (including grey water); storage, distribution and supply of electricity and water for self-usage; supply, sale and purchase of water by tankers and the collection and disposal of wastewater by tankers.

The DoE is the Abu Dhabi entity responsible for recommending strategic and execution plans for the energy sector in the UAE, specifically those which include oil and gas, water and electricity, sewage and district cooling, in addition to all kinds of clean power sources. DoE also has responsibility for increasing public awareness about consumption rationalisation and for changing patterns of consumer behaviour to minimise emissions.

Source: Emirates News Agency