222 million crisis-hit children currently require educational support: UN report

NEW YORK, A new UN report released on Tuesday revealed that the number of crisis-impacted school-aged children requiring educational support has grown from an estimated 75 million in 2016, to 222 million today.

The UN global fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), outlined that, of those 222 million girls and boys, as many as 78.2 million are out of school, and close to 120 million who are in attendance are not achieving minimum proficiency in math or reading.

In fact, just one in ten crisis-impacted children attending primary or secondary education are actually meeting proficiency standards.

Around the world, 222 million children are losing out on essential classroom time.

Their dreams for the future are being snatched away by conflicts, displacement, and climate disasters.

“In the face of these crises, the UN’s fund for education in emergencies –Education Cannot Wait – is standing with children across 40 countries,” Secretary-General António Guterres said in a message.

“We need governments, businesses, foundations and individuals to support the vital work of Education Cannot Wait”.

The analysis indicated that 84 percent of the children losing out on school, are living in areas with protracted crises.

Source: Emirates News Agency