Daily Archives: August 24, 2020

Defrauded Investor Scores Victory in Qatari Court Saga

DOHA, Qatar, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Swifthold Foundation, which was defrauded by Sheikh Fahad bin Ahmad bin Mohamed bin Thani Al Thani, a member of the Qatari Royal Family, and his Qatari company, Fast Trading Group, has been patiently waiting for the Qatari Enforcement Court to enforce Swifthold’s $6 billion U.K. High Court Judgment […]

Mitsubishi Licenses Hybrid Technology Patents from Paice, Abell Foundation

With strong European sales, Mitsubishi has become a global leader in plug-in hybrids BALTIMORE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / August 24, 2020 / Paice, a pioneer in hybrid electric vehicle technology, announced today that it has reached an agreement to license its patented hybrid technology to MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION, a global leader in plug-in hybrid vehicles. […]

‫هابانوس إس أية تقدم العرض العالمي لسيجار رامون ألونيس ألونيس رقم 2 الإصدار المحدد بالمملكة المتحدة

ألونيس رقم 2 “ Allones No. 2 ” هي الإصدار المحدود الثالث لـ هابانوس رامون ألونيس الفريد طُرح هذا الإصدار الجديد في احتفالية أقامتها شركة هانترز & فرانكاو “ Hunters& Frankau “، الموزع الحصري لشركة هابانوس إس أية “ S.A   Habanos ” داخل نطاق المملكة المتحدة، ولأول مرة في تاريخ الإصدارات المحدودة، تم عرضه […]

UAE sends relief assistance to Bedouin nomads in Hadramaut

ADEN, The United Arab Emirates continues to support the brotherly people of Yemen at all levels, under the directives of the wise leadership to stand by the brotherly and friendly countries. The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, the humanitarian arm of the UAE, has distributed 70 shelter tents to a number of remote areas in the