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UAE ministers underline importance of youth empowerment

ABU DHABI, UAE ministers have underlined the importance of promoting the participation of Emirati youth in the boards of government entities and companies, to ensure their voice and views are included in government work.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy, and Chairman of Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) said the cabinet’s decision to strengthen the participation of youth across various government entities reflects the UAEg overnment’s keenness to enhance the role of youth and their empowerment in order to enable them to shoulder responsibilities, innovate and contribute to the overall development of the UAE.

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sheikh Zayed Housing Programme said, “The UAE has, over the past years, displayed growing interest in relying on young people and supporting their participation in government departments and institutions.

“The UAE is a young, rich nation, inspiring its strength from the skills, aspirations and capabilities of its youth. We can not move forward on the path towards development and prosperity without empowering our young people and enabling them to contribute to the nation’s sustainable development drive.”

Suhail bin Mohammed Faraj Faris Al Mazrouei, Minister of Energy and Industry and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Electricity and Water Authority, FEWA, emphasised the important role played by youth and the necessity of strengthening their participation in the board of directors of government departments and bodies.

He added that the initiative meets the aspiration of the Emirati youth to contribute positively to building the country’s future.

Al Mazrouie lauded the resolution of the Cabinet and the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, that he said are aimed at empowering the youth in the decision-making process.

For her part, Shamma bint Suhail Faris Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, highlighted the several steps taken by the government to empower youth, including the establishment of youth councils across the country’s emirates and ministries as well as federal and local departments in order to ensure efficient exchange of ideas, and ultimately grooming a qualified generation of youth capable of spearheading the country’s drive toward excellence.

Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development, President of Zayed University, expressed appreciation of the cabinet’s move to engage youth in the decision-making process as a significant step forward that reflects the UAE government’s determination to equip youth with all tools that ensure their full contribution to the development drive.

Dr. Sultan bin Ahmad Sultan Al Jaber, Minister of State, Chairman of the National Media Council, underscored the government’s solid belief in Emirati youth’s potential, hailing the cabinet’s decision as reflective of the success of the government’s endeavours to unleash their potential .

“The UAE government has been successful over the past years in utilising and unleashing the UAE youth’s potential out of a solid belief in their ability to be an effective partner in delivering the country’s future,” said the minister.

“Emirati youth are now fully aware of the country’s national strategies and are skilled enough to champion the country’s plans across various media organs, including social media platforms. Their efficient participation in the boards of various government entities will support the media messages of these departments and strengthen the country’s soft power across the world,” the minister added.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Aqdar Summit highlights role of advanced sciences in improving well-being of communities

MOSCOW, The 3rd edition of Aqdar World Summit in Moscow, taking place in conjunction with Moscow Global Forum ‘City for Education’ until the 1st of September, under the theme ‘Global Empowerment of Communities: Experiences and Lessons Learned’ continued with a top focus on ‘The Role of Advanced Sciences and Future Projects in Empowering and Improving the Well-Being of Communities’.

The event is being held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

The 4-day pivotal annual global summit bringing together the best minds in the world is focusing on the most pressing issues facing individuals and communities and ways to empower and enable them to face their current and future challenges.

On the third day of the Aqdar World Summit in Moscow, Sarah bint Yousif Al Amiri, Minister of State for Advanced Sciences, addressed her topic ‘UAE Empowerment for Future and Advanced Sciences: Challenges and Success Factors’ and said, “The UAE has a pioneering experience in enabling scientific research and advanced science, embodying the UAE’s directions to promote investment in modern science and technology to find innovative solutions to future challenges in various development sectors based on a comprehensive leadership vision that embraces the development of the scientific research sector as a key driver for sustainable growth and knowledge based economy”.

She added, “Aqdar World Summit plays a pivotal role in promoting the utilisation of science and scientific research, empowering societies in the educational, cultural, intellectual and technological fields, and stimulating governments to design effective policies and strategies that promote scientific research and the use of technology and employs them to create a better future.”

He pointed out the importance of studies and research in advanced sciences and its practical applications that can be transformed into a reality that affects individuals and communities in their daily lives.

She concluded: “The Summit is an opportunity to introduce the UAE’s efforts in the field of advanced sciences and future industry through initiatives and programs that contribute to the advancement of scientific research and support the competencies and expertise that participate in enhancing the country’s competitiveness globally.”

While speaking about her topic, ‘Re-Engineering the Community to Empower its Individuals’, Hessa Essa Buhumaid, Minister of Community Development, said, “The importance of Aqdar World Summit to be held in Moscow, stems from the visions and experiences bringing together people from all over the world. Those ideas and perceptions are highlighted through the discussion sessions and highly reveal the visions of the Ministry of Community Development and Sustainable Development.

Buhumaid stated, “For us, the participation of leading experts and speakers from around the world, with their ideas and experiences on empowering communities and individuals, and the presence of a number of public and private brands and companies in the exhibition accompanying the summit is a development demand and a cognitive incentive to exchange experiences and expertise in the field of “empowering communities globally” and sustainable development of the UAE in solid ground.”

Commenting on the Ministry of Community Development’s strategy, she said, “The Ministry of Community Development sought to achieve care and development with numerous efforts, initiatives, policies, projects and qualitative laws that would enhance and strengthen family stability and community cohesion under sustainable development. Recently, the Ministry has initiated several national policies to improve the lives of families, Senior Emiratis, People of Determination and members of the community in general.”

She added, “To achieve the best policies and developmental initiatives, the Ministry has also initiated communication channels with Senior Emiratis, younger generations and People of Determination through taking their opinions and suggestions and providing the best for their future. As such, the Ministry came up with policies, legislations, resolutions and several initiatives that promote family empowerment and stability.”

The minister further mentioned, “It is important here to note some of the influential decisions such as: changing the title of people with disabilities to “People of Determination”, and elderly people to Senior Emiratis. Such diversified initiatives, policies and quality projects enhanced the confidence of the community, family stability and the happiness of the society.”

She went on saying, “To preserve the quality of life for all family members, the National Policy of Senior Emiratis and the executive regulations of the Child Rights Law “Wadeema”, the national policy for empowering the People of Determination, the recruitment policy of people of determination and the national policy for family, were launched to embody the visions of a cohesive community and coherent families in order to achieve the best life for Emirati Citizens and the nation.”

She stressed, “Before launching the national policy for Senior Emiratis and changing the title of ‘Senior Citizens’ into ‘Senior Emiratis’ in the UAE, we were determined to create such experiences and came up with qualitative development ideas. The Ministry of Community Development initiated partnerships and perspectives to be achieved based on interactive visions. Several meeting sessions are organized under the name of “Meeting Generations” taking into consideration the aspirations of Senior Emiratis, their family needs and requirements coinciding with the century changes and developments surrounding them. The result was a new realistic and vibrant policy that is appropriate to the UAE’s vision 2021 and keeps pace with the ambitions and aspirations of the UAE to be one of the best countries of the world by the UAE centennial ceremony in 2071.”

The minister concluded, “This experience, for example, is debatable and can be circulated for beneficial results. It is possible to hold workshops in Russia with the same interactive development approach, ensuring the best possible results and benefiting from the latest global experiences and practices. It is also possible to select the appropriate experiences of community care in Russia and explore the possibilities of applying the successful sustainable development ideas in the UAE, in order to consolidate the vision of “Aqdar World Summit” towards global empowerment of communities.”

During his keynote speech about his topic ‘Renewable Energy Economy in the UAE’, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, Managing Director and CEO of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, said, “Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, we are pleased to participate in the Aqdar World Summit in Moscow, Russia under the theme “Global Empowerment of Communities: Experiences and Lessons Learned” to highlight the UAE’s experience in clean energy, its development and growth prospects in the region and around the world, as we continue our relentless endeavors to achieve the vision of our wise leadership and the UAE Centennial 2071; to make the UAE the world’s leading nation, ensuring sustainable development and the happiness of our nation.”

On its third day, the Aqdar World Summit played host to a number of key workshop sessions and panel discussions focusing on many diverse and highly-specialized topics related to the empowerment of individuals in various key fields and sectors. While the Dubai Center for Islamic Banking and Finance was involved in a panel discussion on ‘Islamic Banking and Finance: Influential Presence That Cannot be Denied’, a key workshop was held by Emirates Driving Company on the topic ‘Modern Training Technology and its Role in Improving Road Safety’. In addition, Hedaya International Center discussed a very important topic under the title ‘Countering Extremism’ during a key panel discussion.

Source: Emirates News Agency

Global maritime leaders set for big Dubai event

DUBAI, The Dubai Maritime City Authority, DMCA, has completed its preparations ahead of hosting the UAE Maritime Week 2019, held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, as part of the enhanced efforts to establish the UAE’s leadership as a first-class maritime destination and a strong competitor on the global maritime map.

The fifth edition, taking place from September 22 to 26, will highlight the achievements of the UAE’s maritime sector and emphasise Dubai’s leadership in the Middle East as the emirate ranked first regionally and fifth globally among the best maritime centers in the world for 2019.

The upcoming event promises to attract maritime industry leaders from around the world as it offers a unified platform to explore the future of the maritime industry from the perspective of innovation, knowledge and smart transformation, in line with the rapid changes of the 21st century, said the statement from DMCA.

Additionally, the attendees will explore the prospects of maritime trade growth through a series of high-level seminars that facilitate exchanging the best international practices and most successful experiences, including Dubai’s transition to a major maritime portal for global trade, it added.

Amer Ali, the executive director at DMCA, said, “The UAE Maritime Week is once again re-affirming Dubai’s position as a preferred global destination for leading maritime events, providing a strategic platform to enhance the convergence, communication and interaction between maritime industry leaders, strengthen bridges of knowledge transfer, and share international best practices that will advance the maritime industry to a new level of growth and sustainability.”

“This unique event presents an ideal opportunity to showcase Dubai and the UAE as being at the forefront of the global maritime map, and emphasise the continuous support of the wise leadership to upgrade the capabilities of integrated and advanced infrastructure and modernise legislation and laws to provide the best maritime and logistics services that match the best in the world,” stated Ali.

The Dubai Maritime Agenda is at the forefront of the strategic events scheduled on the sidelines of the UAE Maritime Week 2019 and will bring together maritime industry leaders, decision makers, regional and international experts, government officials, policy makers and representatives of major international companies working in the maritime sector, said the organisers.

The current edition of the Dubai Maritime Agenda, scheduled to be held on September 22, will once again highlight Dubai’s position as a key player driving the progress of local and global maritime industry based on the pillars of creativity, technical innovation, excellence, training and human capital.

The emirate entered the top five list in the International Shipping Centre Development Index, becoming the first Arab city to earn this recognition and positioning itself as one of the top five marine centers in the world for 2019.

The Dubai Maritime Agenda is comprehensive and diverse and will address a range of pivotal issues affecting the present and the future of the local and global maritime sector.

Source: Emirates News Agency

3rd Young Arab Media Leaders Programme begins tomorrow

DUBAI, Some 100 young Arabs will, on Sunday, engage in the two-week Young Arab Media Leaders Programme, as part of a government-led initiative to build and nurture qualified future generations of media professionals.

The programme consists of numerous pillars that will offer participants the opportunity to learn, connect, develop, and implement. There will be educational courses, debates, seminars, lectures and workshops that encompass a wide variety of specialised subjects in traditional media and digital media to hone the skills of young Arab media professionals and develop their talent.

The programme covers different topics, including communication, media studies, and leadership. It also includes site visits which take participants on tours to some of the best and most prominent media corporations worldwide. The aim is to experience best practices within authentic media contexts and acquire knowledge from leading personalities and organisations.

Organised by the Arab Youth Centre, ARC, under the guidance and patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, and Chair of the ARC, the 3rd edition of the programme represents one component of the Arab Youth Media Initiative. It is designed to develop an empowered generation of young media professionals and influencers.

It will act as a platform that brings together independent and professional media experts with the industry’s best practices to equip young media leaders with the required skills to build a positive media ecosystem and sustain the future development of the industry.

Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, said, ”We have high hopes on the young Arab would-be media professionals who will be the asset and key pillar of the future and play a major role in highlighting the achievements of their home countries after they have been professionally trained by veteran media experts.” ”The Young Arab Media Leaders Programme is a pioneering step towards grooming a generation of young Arab media leaders who can upgrade the standards of the media profession and contribute to promoting overall development concepts in Arab countries,” she added.

So far the programme has trained more than 300 male and female students of journalism, media and mass communication across the Arab world.

The AYC is conducting the programme in partnership with several leading media organisations including the National Media Council, Media Free Zone in Abu Dhabi (twofour54), Thomson Reuters Foundation, Dubai Media City, English daily The National, and Arabic daily Alroeya.

Source: Emirates News Agency