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Parsons Acquires OGSystems

Geospatial Intelligence, Data Analytics Technology to Accelerate Growth Strategy  

PASADENA, California, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Parsons today announced its acquisition of OGSystems, an innovative solutions provider with advanced technologies in geospatial intelligence, big data analytics, and threat mitigation.  OGSystems’ core defense and intelligence customers include the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and Special Operations Command (SOCOM).  Parsons’ acquisition of OGSystems is the latest in a series of strategic investments and is the corporation’s third acquisition in the past 14 months.

“Parsons’ strategy is focused on disruptive, differentiated technologies demanded in high-growth, mission-oriented programs in the defense, intelligence and critical infrastructure sectors,” said Chuck Harrington, Parsons’ Chairman and CEO.  “The actionable intelligence that geospatial imagery and data analytics brings to Parsons’ portfolio through OGSystems is a game changer.  Whether informing our national security customers’ mission planning or designing tomorrow’s resilient smart city, Parsons now brings deeper intelligence expertise to the challenge.”

Founded in 2004, and headquartered in Chantilly, VA, OGSystems (a General Catalyst Portfolio Company), has operations in Missouri, Oregon, and California.  The company’s VIPER Labs and Immersive Engineering™ techniques serve as the catalysts for deployment of geospatial systems and software, embedded system threat analytics and cloud engineering solutions.  OGSystems’ advanced hardware solutions include the PeARL family of sensors, combining industry-leading camera and optic lens technologies with our software solutions, yielding precise, very high resolution 2D and 3D aerial imagery.

“OGSystems will expand our position in critical markets, including space operations, cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and beyond,” said Carey Smith, Parsons’ Chief Operating Officer.  “Parsons’ existing artificial intelligence and cloud computing expertise will augment OGSystems’ support for customers demanding more efficiency in analyzing overwhelming volumes of geographic imagery and data.”

Parsons’ customers include numerous Department of Defense organizations, the Department of Energy, the Maryland Procurement Office and other intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure owners and operators throughout the world.

“OGSystems was founded and operated on one principle – providing impact to national security through innovation.  We are proud of advancements like the PeARL full motion video 3D processing technology and 1000-fold reductions in security threat big data processing timelines,” said Garrett Pagon, CEO and Co-Founder of OGSystems.  “These are a direct result of everyone in the company taking personal responsibility for getting better every day and ‘Owning the Outcome.’”  Parsons’ people-focused culture is delivering disruptive technologies to customers worldwide and is the ideal future home for like-minded OGSystems employees.”

Omar Balkissoon, OGSystems Chairman and co-founder, added that “we have challenged the status quo and been on a fourteen-year trajectory as a change agent for defense and intelligence.  Parsons’ mentality is completely aligned with OGSystems, and provides the opportunity for us to continue making a difference with more customers on a bigger platform.”

Parsons was advised by Goldman Sachs & Co LLC and Latham & Watkins LLP.  OGSystems was advised by Baird, Ropes & Gray LLP and Miles & Stockbridge P.C.

For more information and downloadable images related to the acquisition, visit www.parsons.com/OGSystems.

Parsons is a digitally enabled solutions provider focused on the defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure markets. With 75 years of experience, Parsons is uniquely qualified to deliver cyber-physical security, advanced technology solutions, and other innovative services to federal, regional, and local government agencies, as well as to private industrial customers worldwide. For more about Parsons, visit  parsons.com , and follow us on  Facebook Twitter LinkedIn , and  YouTube.

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Sphera Acquires Petrotechnics to Enhance End-to-End Operational Risk Solution

Sphera Solutions Acquires Petrotechnics and Provides a Complete End-to-End Operational Risk Solution

CHICAGO, Jan. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Sphera, the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management software and information services with a focus on Operational Risk, Environmental Health & Safety and Product Stewardship, has announced the acquisition of Petrotechnics, a leading global provider of operational risk software for hazardous industries.


Petrotechnics is based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Established in 1989, Petrotechnics has helped keep people safe in hazardous industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemical and Rail, among others.

Petrotechnics’ solutions help companies visualize and connect their operations, maintenance and planning processes with frontline risk mitigation software that provides Safe System to Work and Electronic Permit to Work functionality. The company’s software solutions are known for their exceptional data visualization, configurable workflows, easy-to-use interface and real-time analysis and insights. With decades of collective experience, Petrotechnics also offers professional services from its expert thought leaders.

“Sphera’s acquisition of Petrotechnics expands our base of Operational Risk solutions through applications digitizing and visualizing risks at the operational level with real-time data from Industrial Internet of Things devices,” said Paul Marushka, Sphera’s president and CEO. “This acquisition builds upon our SpheraCloud product in extending our Integrated Risk Management solution from risk identification to risk mitigation.”

Petrotechnics, a Sphera company

“With Sphera’s longstanding expertise and total commitment to Operational Excellence, Petrotechnics’ decision to become a part of the Sphera suite of products and services was an easy one,” said Phil Murray, Petrotechnics’ CEO. “The combination of our software with Sphera’s solutions will help both our customers and Sphera’s clients enhance their ability to mitigate risks across their global operations.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

About Sphera

Sphera is the largest global provider of Integrated Risk Management software and information services with a focus on Operational Risk, Environmental Health & Safety and Product Stewardship. For more than 30 years, Sphera has advanced Operational Excellence by serving more than 3,000 customers and over 1 million individual users across 70-plus countries to create a safer, more sustainable and productive world.

About Petrotechnics

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Petrotechnics provides software and expert consultancy services that help people throughout the organization to make better informed decisions and achieve Operational Excellence.

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شركة سفيرا تستحوذ على بتروتكنيكس لتعزيز حل المخاطرة التشغيلية الكلي

سفيرا سوليوشنز تستحوذ على بتروتكنيكس وتوفر  حل مخاطرة تشغيلية كاملا

شيكاغو، 8 كانون الثاني/يناير، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — أعلنت شركة سفيرا، الشركة العالمية الموفرة الأكبر لحل إدارة المخاطر المدمج وخدمات المعلومات، ومعلومات الصحة البيئية مع تركيز على المخاطرة التشغيلية والسلامة وإدارة المنتجات، عن استحواذها على شركة بتروتكنيكس، وهي شركة عالمية رائدة لتزويد حلول المخاطرة التشغيلية للصناعات الخطرة.

تقع شركة بتروتكنيكس في أبردين باسكتلندا، تأسست في العام 1989، وقد ساعدت في الحفاظ على سلامة الأشخاص في الصناعات الخطرة، مثل النفط والغاز والكيماويات والسكك الحديدية وغيرها.

تساعد حلول بتروتكنيكس الشركات على تجسيد عملياتها وعمليات الصيانة والتخطيط ووصلها ببرنامج التخفيف من مخاطر الخط الأمامي الذي يوفر النظام الآمن للعمل والترخيص الإلكتروني لوظيفية العمل. وتشتهر حلول الشركة البرمجية بتصورها الاستثنائي للبيانات، وسير العمل القابل للتشكيل، والواجهة سهلة الاستخدام، والتحليل الفوري والأفكار. ومع عقود من الخبرة الجماعية، تقدم شركة بتروتكنيكس أيضًا خدمات احترافية من قادة الفكر الخبراء لديها.

وقال بول مورشكا، الرئيس والمدير التنفيذي لسفيرا: “يوسع استحواذ سفيرا على بتروتكنيكس قاعدة حلولنا للمخاطر التشغيلية من خلال تطبيقات رقمية وتصور المخاطر على المستوى التشغيلي مع بيانات في الوقت الحقيقي من أجهزة إنترنت الأشياء الصناعية. وتبني عملية الاستحواذ هذه على منتجنا سفيرا كلاود في توسيع حلنا الخاص بإدارة المخاطر المتكامل من تحديد المخاطر إلى تخفيف المخاطر.”
وقال فيل موراي، الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة بتروتكنيكس: “بفضل خبرة شركة سفيرا الطويلة والتزامها التام بالتميز التشغيلي، كان قرار شركة بتروتكنيكس أن تصبح جزءًا من مجموعة منتجات وخدمات سفيرا أمرًا سهلا. وسيساعد الجمع بين برنامجنا وحلول سفيرا عملاءنا وعملاء سفيرا على تحسين قدراتهم على تخفيف المخاطر عبر عملياتهم العالمية.”

ولم يتم الكشف عن شروط الصفقة.
حول سفيرا
تعتبر سفيرا أكبر مزود عالمي لخدمات البرمجيات وإدارة المخاطر المتكاملة مع التركيز على المخاطر التشغيلية والصحة البيئية والسلامة وإدارة المنتجات. ولأكثر من 30 عامًا، تتمتع سفيرا بتميز تشغيلي متقدم من خلال خدمة أكثر من 3000 عميل وأكثر من مليون مستخدم فردي عبر أكثر من 70 بلدا لخلق عالم أكثر أمانًا واستدامة وإنتاجًا.
حول بتروتكنيكس
إذ يقع مقرها في أبردين، اسكتلندا، توفر شركة بتروتكنيكس خدمات استشارية وبرمجية تساعد الناس في جميع أنحاء المؤسسة على اتخاذ قرارات مستنيرة بشكل أفضل وتحقيق التميز التشغيلي.

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Health Matrix and Datix to Join Forces, Creating Regionally-Focused Operation Exclusively on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

LONDON and RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, January 8, 2019/PRNewswire/ –Datix and Health Matrix, today announced that they have signed a definitive agreement through which Datix will acquire the “Datix business segment” of its Middle East value added partner, Health Matrix. The acquisition is expected to be completed in March 2019.

The acquisition will enable Datix to capitalize on market momentum driving accelerated adoption of patient safety software in the region. It will further enhance the company’s distribution network and its global brand recognition, and will solidify the company’s commitment to the Middle East region by delivering the same level of superior customer service through a regional entity managed by a local team out of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Datix and Health Matrix established a formal partnership in 2011 and have been working collaboratively since then to bring Datix solutions to healthcare providers throughout the Middle East region. In 2018, Datix and Health Matrix were chosen by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliver patient safety software and programs to the Saudi Patient Safety Center and all healthcare sectors nationwide. The project, called “SAWTAK”, will include the installation of Datix software throughout the Kingdom, firmly establishing the Saudi Patient Safety Center (SPSC) as one of the leading proponents of the global patient safety movement.

“At this stage in the Middle East market evolution, and the growth opportunity it represents, we believe a direct market presence is a catalyst in making an even greater impact in a rapidly changing global healthcare environment” said Seyed Mortazavi, CEO of Datix, “The Health Matrix team has been instrumental in establishing the Datix brand in the region and we look forward to them formally joining Datix and working together to ensure continued service to our customers”

Datix Arabia was incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as part of the transaction, a group of the existing Health Matrix team members will be joining the company and Abdulrahman Qasim, will lead the operations as the General Manager based in Riyadh and covering the MEA theatre.

“The MEA region is a key strategic focus for Datix and this venture will allow us to leverage our shared knowledge and experience in creating healthcare technology that works” said Abdulrahman Qasim, currently CEO of Health Matrix.” The goal for Datix Arabia is to push the boundaries of patient safety and quality software to deliver solutions at greater scale and pace than ever before.”

Datix Arabia will be the largest software company in the Middle East focusing on patient safety and quality, which will help the company drive change across the regional healthcare network.

About Datix

Datix is the leading provider of patient safety software, risk management software, and incident reporting software for the healthcare sector. Its most-recent product, Datix Cloud IQ, enables healthcare organizations to generate and implement strategies to enhance the delivery of efficient, targeted, and effective care.

More than 110 million people are protected by Datix software, which has been widely adopted by both public and private healthcare organizations around the world. Recently, Datix merged with RL Solutions; the combined companies now possess the largest repository of patient safety data in the world, making it possible to develop statistically relevant benchmarks for patient safety and risk management. Datix’s global headquarters are in London, with U.S. headquarters in Chicago.

About Health Matrix

Health Matrix serves healthcare providers and regulators in the Middle East region. Since its founding in 2009, the company has focused on advancing patient safety and quality to prevent harm and continuously improve healthcare outcomes and experience. Over the years, Health Matrix has successfully helped providers across the region transform their organizations into high-reliability organizations by adopting quality management IT solutions. Health Matrix represents a number of globally renowned IT solution providers in the area of healthcare total quality management.

Source: Datix