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nChain Receives Three Patents for Digital Rights Management Using Blockchain

LONDON, July 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — nChain, the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies, is pleased to announce issuance of another three patents by the European Patent Office. These three patents, issued on July 11 2018, are all methods to enforce digital rights through the use of blockchain technology.

One of the key opportunities offered by the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain is its ability to flatten the commercial landscape through the removal of unnecessary intermediaries within a transaction.  Digital rights management is one such market where opportunities exist to connect content producers directly to consumers while ensuring that they are rewarded for their creativity. nChain’s three newly-issued patents cover inventions that can facilitate this opportunity through use of blockchain technology.

(1) European Patent number EP3295349 is entitled “A method and system for verifying integrity of a digital asset using a distributed hash table and a peer-to-peer distributed ledger“. This invention uses a standard Bitcoin Cash transaction that includes additional metadata to reference an entry within an external Distributed Hash Table (DHT) where signatures of the digital asset, plus the signatures on the DHT and the signature on the blockchain transaction itself, must align to demonstrate the integrity of the asset.

(2) European Patent number EP3295362 is entitled “A method and system for verifying ownership of a digital asset using a distributed hash table and a peer-to-peer distributed ledger“.  This invention builds on the technique in the first invention above (EP3295349) to add another set of cryptographic operations that allows the current ownership of the digital asset to be validated.

(3) European Patent number EP3295350 is entitled “A method and system for verifying ownership of a digital asset using a distributed hash table and a peer-to-peer distributed ledger“.  This invention is a logical extension of the technique defined in the second invention above (EP3295362); it allows the computer software to check the rights of the user to execute such software prior to launching that software.

These latest patent grants follow nChain’s earlier EPO grants on April 11, 2018 (for a registry and automated management method for blockchain-enforced smart contracts), and June 20, 2018 (for a deterministic key generation to improve digital security).

nChain Group CEO Jimmy Nguyen comments:

“These third, fourth and fifth patent grants by the European Patent Office marks demonstrate the  value in nChain’s program for blockchain innovation.  We will continue working to make blockchain technology more useable, for more advanced functions, by major enterprises around the world.”

As previously announced, nChain will collaborate with more enterprise partners to integrate blockchain solutions, and is currently expanding its team to support such projects.

Nguyen adds: “Bitcoin Cash is the all-in-one coin and blockchain, with greater functionality than any other blockchain.  It is now time to help enterprises put BCH’s advantages into actual usage.  We are selecting key partners for projects to demonstrate significant new use cases, which will benefit the entire Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.”

nChain works toward creating a stronger blockchain ecosystem focused on the Bitcoin Cash network.  For any business seeking technical assistance with its enterprise blockchain strategy, contact nChain by email at contact@nchain.com.

ABOUT NCHAIN GROUP: The nChain Group is the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies.  Its mission is to enable massive growth and worldwide adoption of the Bitcoin network – focusing on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the true Bitcoin.

Website:  nChain.com
Twitter:  @nChainGlobal

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SEDD, Emirates NBD sign MoU

ABU DHABI, Sharjah Economic Development Department, SEDD, has signed an Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with Emirates NBD in order to develop services provided to customers and promote the economic development in the emirate.

This is done through offering digital services that contribute to enhancing the reliance on paperless procedures and giving customers the option of electronically querying the licenses of economic establishments through multiple and approved banking channels.

Under the terms of the agreement, the two sides will work to enhance cooperation in facilitating licensing procedures for investors and provide value added services to customers. SEDD will also provide Emirates NBD with an electronic query service too. The MoU aims to providing digital services to investors to reach the highest level of customer satisfaction and thus improving the economy in the Emirate of Sharjah.

The MoU comes as the two parties’ efforts to achieve UAE’s directives to encourage customers and provide excellent government services through innovative channels in cooperation with the public and private sectors. This will help in facilitating the business transactions and in providing a suitable environment for prosperity and growth in Sharjah.

The agreement was signed by Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, and Abdulla Abdulrahman Qassem, Group Chief Operating Officer of Emirates NBD, in the presence of senior officials.

Al Suwaidi said that the department pays great attention to supporting and developing different services offered in the business area in Sharjah. “This is done in a way that goes in line with the wise H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, whom calls for providing all the needed facilitates for investors in Sharjah to improve the economic status and offer an environment conducive to investment.”

In turn, Qassem said that the bank is so pleased to sign such agreement with SEDD which will offer many services to the its employees from obtaining the necessary information about the commercial licenses of companies registered with the department directly, and will help the bank to improve the customers’ experience.

Source: Emirates News Agency

DCT Abu Dhabi completes four-city roadshow in Canada

ABU DHABI, The Department of Culture and Tourism � Abu Dhabi, DCT Abu Dhabi, along with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, DTCM, led a delegation of partners and stakeholders on a four-city roadshow across Canada last month in a bid to increase awareness of the UAE’s offerings in the North American country and boost inbound tourism to the emirates.

With Canada an increasingly important source market for the UAE, DCT Abu Dhabi aimed to entice an increasing number of Canadians to visit Abu Dhabi and explore its distinct leisure and cultural tourism offerings. The roadshow covered four major Canadian cities, including Vancouver on 25th June, Montreal on 26th June, the capital Ottawa on 27th June and Toronto on 28th June.

With Sultan Ali Sultan Al Harbi, UAE Consul-General in Toronto, in attendance, the delegation met with leading industry players from a variety of sectors, to showcase and educate Canadian travel agents and tour operators on Abu Dhabi’s unique tourism credentials.

Mubarak Al Nuaimi, Director of Promotion and Overseas Offices at DCT Abu Dhabi, said, “The UAE enjoys a strong, strategic relationship with Canada that is in continuous development. Testament to this is the recent decision to lift the visa requirement for Emirati nationals when visiting Canadian territories. Through this roadshow we hoped to engage with travel agents and other industry players across Canada to inspire and encourage them to promote Abu Dhabi as the top destination to visit this summer and beyond. The roadshow will also enable us to deepen our partnership with Canada and promote increased tourism, cultural, academic and study exchanges, as well as foster new business, trade, and investment opportunities.”

This roadshow is part of the annual promotional tour to North America that includes major cities across the United States and Canada. With a diverse range of leisure and entertainment options and a plentiful supply of affordable and high-quality hotels and shopping malls, Abu Dhabi continues to position itself as an attractive destination for Canadian travellers.

Source: Emirates News Agency

One tonne of e-waste diverted from Dubai landfills

DUBAI, Following 2017’s highly successful World Environment Day initiative, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Science Park teamed up to bring back the e-waste collection drive to their communities in collaboration with Uber and Averda.

This year, the campaign was extended to Dubai Media City to promote the recycling of audio and video products, such as radios, televisions and music players.

From 20th to 21st June between 10am and 4pm, 40 Uber rides collected a total of 161 items, equivalent to almost one tonne of e-waste. In support of the drive, the three business parks organised a digital contest that invited participants to share an image of their retired electronics and a caption of what recycling means to them for a chance to win prizes.

Business partners and community members booked a ride via the Uber app using the request ‘UberRECYCLE’. Uber drivers then collected the e-waste from the specified TECOM business parks and delivered the items to Averda, which was responsible for the recycling and waste management.

Ammar Al Malik, Executive Director of Dubai Internet City, said, “As a leading business community specialised in technology, it is our duty to raise awareness on the significance of recycling and its positive impact on our society. We are proud of our successful campaign that has helped offset our environmental footprint, and aim to continue implementing such collaborative environment-friendly initiatives to facilitate the UAE’s digital transformation.”

For his part, Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Managing Director of Dubai Science Park, said, “In today’s world, recycling and waste management play an extremely important role in the global environment conservation and sustainability drive. As a key contributor to Dubai’s vision of becoming a global green leader, Dubai Science Park is committed to providing the infrastructure and support services needed to translate this ambition into reality. We are pleased with the outcome of the second edition of our campaign and the participation of our community. In addition, the inclusion of Dubai Media City has enabled us to expand the range of retired electronics covered.”

Commenting on the announcement, Majed Al Suwaidi, Managing Director of Dubai Media City, added, “At Dubai Media City, one of our key goals is to create a sustainable and innovation-focused environment where people can live, work and play in harmony for generations to come. We are delighted to join this year’s e-waste collection drive that contributes to the UAE’s transition to a green economy, and look forward to playing a bigger role in promoting the recycling of electronics among companies, residents and visitors of Dubai Media City.”

Responsible e-waste disposal is a pressing issue across the world. According to The Global E-waste Monitor 2017, a collaborative report of the United Nations University, the International Telecommunication Union and the International Solid Waste Association, experts foresee the global volume of e-waste rising to 52.2 million metric tonnes in 2021 � up from 44.7 million metric tonnes in 2016. This means electronic waste is the fastest-growing component of the world’s domestic waste stream.

Source: Emirates News Agency