2.2 million customers visited DHA facilities in 2016

DUBAI — More than 2 million customers have visited outpatient clinics at the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, in 2016, the authority revealed in a report.

973,787 visited outpatient clinics at DHA’s four hospitals, Latifa Hospital, Dubai Hospial, Rashid Hospital, and Hatta Hospital.

The report also revealed that 25,865 surgeries were conducted at DHA hospitals with an average of 2,155 surgeries per month. Out of the total number of surgeries, 13,567 were major surgeries. 1.45 million customers also visited the DHA’s 15 primary Health Care Centres, PHC, in 2016.

A total of 168,000 customers visited DHA’s specialised centres, while 1,898,194 customers visited DHA’s Medical Fitness Centres

Source: Emirates News Agency