16 social workers from Sharjah Social Services obtain judicial seizure status

SHARJAH — Sixteen social workers from the Sharjah Social Services Department have obtained their judicial seizure status, after successfully completing training on judicial seizures for the employees of the Children’s Rights Protection Department of Sharjah Social Services.

The one-week training programme, which was presented by Judge Omar Al Ghoul at the Ministry of Justice, focused on training child protection workers in Sharjah Social Services on the legal aspects of child protection.

The training course, which was held in cooperation with the Judicial Training Institute in Sharjah, covered two main topics, including the provisions of Federal Law No. 03 of 2016 on the protection of children’s rights, and the procedures of judicial seizures concerning the violations of laws on child protection and children’s rights.

Afaf Al Marri, Chairperson of Sharjah Social Services, praised the desire of the Ministry of Justice to protect children by enforcing the law and promoting respect for children’s rights while thanking the Ministry for its efforts in making the judicial training course succeed, with the aim of training child protection workers in Sharjah Social Services about the legal aspects of child protection and judicial seizures, under the framework of the children’s rights law.

Al Marri highlighted the judicial seizure status that will enable child protection workers to place controls on children’s rights violations and protect children’s rights through the new powers given to them, by presenting a request to directly bring to justice the perpetrators of crimes against children.

Ahmed Ibrahim Al Tartour, Director of the Children’s Rights Protection Administration in Sharjah Social Services, said that the training course aimed at training child protection employees on various legal aspects, to correctly address the legal protection of children and inform them about legal concepts and practices included in the law, as well as to improve their skills in the field of judicial seizures.

Mohammed Ahmed Al Hammadi, Advisor to the Ministry of Justice and Member of the Supreme Committee for Child Protection, praised the organisation of the training course by Sharjah Social Services, by describing it as an important practical step in implementing child protection laws.

Source: Emirates News Agency